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    Blinds Types

    Wooden Blinds

    Wooden Venetian blinds embrace natural influence while presenting expert craftsmanship, functionality and contemporary style. Available in a wide spectrum of stains, you can achieve traditional “cottagecore”, sleek white minimalism or even opt for a gothic inspired dark wood. Which leaves the question: which wooden blind should you order? We offer Sunwoods, Starwoods, Timberlux and Fauxwoods, complete with tape covering options in a separate category. Let’s dissect the advantages and limitations of each together to find the tree-m blind for you….


    Our Sunwoods demonstrate everything you would expect from a strong real wood: durability, authenticity and excellent natural insulation. Wood has been used to build shelters and keep our ancestors warm for generations which is testament to the thermal efficiency. Keep warmth in during the winter with one of our Sunwood styles, lowering your energy bill in the process or select one of our white stained designs to reflect sunlight outward and help to keep a room cooler in summer.


    Starwood grants you the traditional luxury of wood at our most affordable price ever. You won’t find such quality insulation and shading anywhere at such good value. Compared to the other collections, the range is less extensive but still boasts trendy white tones, cool greys and warm browns. As a result, the breadth of style options is still large and these blinds also feature a matching wooden fascia for a truly natural look, unobstructed by exposed mechanisms.


    Timberlux is exceptionally unique due to its pairing of genuine wood with bright pops of vibrant colour. The Trends shades are unapologetic, energizing any room with youthfulness, modernity and enviable style. However, unlike cheap ‘fashion’ blinds, these styles boast the same premium insulation properties and hard-wearing texture of their other wooden blind siblings. Alongside these dynamic hues are a selection of classic neutrals, specialising in shades of grey for that contemporary touch.


    Bring nature into your bathroom with these moisture resistant blinds which will harmonise beautifully with your speckled tiles, potted plants and organic scented soaps. Fauxwood is comprised of a PVC finish enabling it to cheerfully withstand humid conditions and wipe clean easily without leaving watermarks. Real wood, on the other hand, might be subject to warping. Some people consider Fauxwood to be a more environmentally friendly choice, although it should be remembered that at Direct Order Blinds, we strive to only supply wooden blinds which have been sustainably sourced.

    Taped styles

    All these woods can also be selected with tapes. These tapes conceal the cords and holes for a look many consider to be cleaner. The tapes can be selected to match exactly or act as a sleek contrast, opening up a whole world of new combinations.

    Whether you’re seeking an understated window dressing solution or a strong statement blind, our Wooden styles can be catered to you. Explore the range to find the stain and style to suit your home and order your free samples today to take a closer look.

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