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    Curtains Types

    Window Curtains

    A room never really feels complete until the windows are fully dressed. Curtains and window coverings add that beautiful, finished layer that can truly transform a space. Something as simple as a classic white linen curtain (our go-to) works every time.

    Of course, finding the perfect drapery is only half of the equation. The other half is making sure to hang them properly. Things like calculating the fullness or figuring out how high to hang the rod all play a part. We’ve put together a quick guide to window curtain sizing and hanging methods to give you that quality designer look each and every time. See below for five design rules to getting your drapery style and sizing just right.


    One | Hang them high

    Always hang the rod as high as you can above the window frame to give your window (and room) a taller, grander appearance. A good rule of thumb is to go at least 4-6″ above the window frame if possible and 2 -3″ below the ceiling or crown molding.

    Two | Choose the right length curtains

    No high-waters permitted in this bunch. When deciding on the length of your window curtains, aim to have the bottom graze the floor for a tailored look or a slight 1-2″ puddle for a more relaxed feel.

    Three | Extend the curtain rod beyond the window

    Maximize your view by leaving enough room to pull your curtains entirely off the window. If you can extend your rod roughly 4-6” beyond the window on each side, it will not only give the illusion of a larger, wider window but will leave enough room for an unobstructed view.

    Four | Opt for Pleated Curtains and Drapes

    Go for a pleated style for a quality, elevated look that pairs well with drapery rings. There’s a huge selection of pleating options – our favorite style is a french pleat or pinch pleat panel. We also recommend choosing lined curtains that help the panels hang better and look more refined.

    Five | Double the Fullness

    Fuller panels always look better. In order to achieve this look and ensure that drapes look ample even when closed, opt for panels that have a combined width of 2 to 2.5 times that of the window.”

    What we offer:

    • Made-to-measure curtains
    • Large range of discounted fabrics
    • Curtain tracks and accessories

    Why Made-to-measure curtains ?

    We offer a commodious range of made-to-measure curtains in Dubai that promptly enhances your room’s feel and lookout. They can be found in dazzling designs and fabrics. We also have a lot of finishes that make us the best place to buy curtains. You can explore our curtains range to obtain the best draperies in Dubai for any room, style, and subject. Your choice is our priority, choose curtains of your choice and we will take care of everything regarding color, fabrics, measurements and accessories that give your curtain a professional look.

    Why select customized curtains for your home?

    Customized drapes are the best choice for multitudinous rooms and designs. Here’s why: With dazzling fabrics and styles, you can dope out the best window treatment for your personal style, be it conventional, modernistic, assorted, shabby stylish, professional or casual. Turn your window into an ornamental focus of attention with customized curtains. You can pick any combination of fabric and drape style, including eyelett, blinds, pleated or rod pockets.

    Curtain making process

    Curtains play an important role in deciding the ambience of a room. Our Made to measure curtains add luxury and personal touch to any window. Looking for a way to let in just enough sunlight to give your room that warm glow? Or a way to keep the outside completely out? With our versatile curtain collection of so many colors, textures and designs of fabrics, you’ll find the perfect one to suit your need and match your decor. Customized drapes add luxury and functionality to any window. Explore our beautiful fabrics curtains. Regardless of the color, material and style you want, we give you custom made curtains in Dubai. You no longer have to bow with the custom-made curtains in the regular sizes. Your advantage of making personalized curtains is that you get what you want, for your window’s exact size.

    Once your drapes, blinds and tracks are ready we will arrange installation with our installers. The entire process takes approximately three to five weeks from measuring to installation.

    Free consultation & estimate

    Upgrade your home’s decor with our wide selection of window curtains. Whether you’re looking for a classic, traditional look or something more modern and trendy, we have something to suit every style. Our curtains are made with high-quality materials and are designed to last, so you can enjoy them for years to come. Browse our collection today and find the perfect window curtains for your home

    Our consultation covers everything we need to find you the perfect curtains, from interior decor and fabric ideas to tracks, functionality, fit and budget. Call us 056 522 7261 now or book your consultation above or here.