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    Blinds Types

    Office Blinds

    Some have questioned whether physical offices still have a place in a post-lockdown future but we don’t see them going anywhere. Collaborative work is as vital as ever and we’ve all missed and treasured the glimmers of in-person interaction that we have been able to enjoy. A sense of community and ‘all being in it together’ has pulled us through. What better way to promote teamwork and productivity than through an exciting communal space designed to reflect corporate values while inspiring creativity, innovation and unity? Cultivate your brand from the inside out with a fitting interior design, complete with functional blinds.

    What features?

    Flexible shading

    A crucial feature of office blinds is flexible shading options so that you can comfortably work from natural light without the sun’s glare on your screen. Necessitates and frequent daily adjustments make Venetian blinds your best friend. Lift lower to your desired height before tilting the slats to capably filter the light without needing to eliminate it. Vertical blinds deliver a similar shading solution and are tailored toward large windows, whereas Venetians are preferred for smaller areas.


    Keeping outgoings to a minimum is paramount for businesses, so we only stock the best, highest-quality blinds, complete with 3-year guarantees. Vertical blinds offer even higher safety because you can exchange any man or woman slats that emerge as stained, damaged, or worn; besides purchasing a completely new system, you can try our blinds.


    If you have a few windows and office partitions, a key consideration will be blind that doesn’t intervene too much on the workspace. Venetian and Vertical blinds boast a streamlined construction that hugs tight to the glass except sacrificing the adjustable slat shading. The cassettes are very slim and available in extraordinary widths to suit you.

    Fire retardancy

    Your enterprise must have quality office window blinds with furnace retardant properties, so we have included commercially appropriate choices in nearly all of our styles.

    What colours and styles?

    Studies into color psychology insist that you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right colors and style for your brand. Colors create instant associations, so it is worth considering what traits you choose for your business to replicate for your employees and office visitors. Use vibrant and zesty colors of orange, yellow, and green for energizing optimism, while pure white hues can be an amazing smooth canvas for projecting creativity onto. Though darker blinds can be better for concealing dirt, white and cream colors are firm favorites thanks to their space-enhancing effects. Gloss or satin finishes radiate modernity while being handy to clean. You may avoid gently textured patterns as they promote leisure as an alternative to focus and can accumulate dust.

    Consider the priorities of your precise company and the values you desire to present. Windows are frequently focal points, and their coverings are visible, making them an outstanding probability for showcasing the manufacturer’s personality. Contact our educated and skilled group member here for a more customized consultation.


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