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    Curtains Types

    Living Room Curtains

    The living room is our first impression of our house; that room needs eye-catching curtains, and we have it all. Check out our collections of premium selected custom and uniquely designed handmade pieces just for your gorgeous windows. You can buy it from our curtains & window treatments shops.

    Double Curtains:

    The double curtains idea has been in trend and our personal favorite too. It would be best if you had an extra rod for the light fabric to implement a double curtain. The inner layer of the window should be thin and translucent so it can transmit the light while giving you privacy. The outer layer is made up of thick fabric, which is used to block out the light when you go to sleep. Double Curtains have many advantages; if you do not like a block light during the day, you only need to close the inner curtains. If you have a problem finding Custom Curtains For your Living Room in Dubai, you can buy them from our website.

    Match The Theme:
    Choosing curtains that go with your living space's general aesthetic and design is simple. They could be patterned like wallpaper or just one solid color.

    Go For Solid Color:
    Some experts strongly advise against using solid-colored curtains, but in my experience, these textiles' textures have their beauty and work wonders at keeping out your neighbor's eyes. We can Make it in Measure for your Living Room Curtains in Dubai if you do not find custom-made curtains.

    Or For Pattern:
    Not everyone like solid-colored textiles for curtains, as we previously stated. For those people, patterned curtains with various patterns, such as vines and flowers or straightforward geometric forms, would be a wonderful option.

    Pure White:
    There is no denying that curtains made entirely of pure white have a timeless appeal. The windows appear simple, beautiful, and integrated with the surroundings, particularly if you have decorated your living room in gentler tones.

    Go Stripes!
    The fundamental plan of horizontal or vertical lines on the fabric is a very easy window curtain plan that you can't resist. The strains can alternate through the whole fabric, or a diagram can be created by having the strains at the top or the bottom or unequal blocks of two colors.

    Roman Blinds:
    Instead of folding the blinds on the sides, the roman blinds fold upwards, saving many areas and producing a unique look. These blinds are for sure distinctive from ordinary ones, so they can make the house seem to be fresher and extra unique.

    Play With Bold:
    Some might assume that using brightly colored curtains can make them seem hideous and out of space. That's not continually true. Play with special colors, no matter how vibrant they look, and pick the one that perfectly enhances the surroundings.

    Tie Back:
    No count what 12 months it's going to be, tie-back curtains never go out of fashion. They appear fully elegant, and experimenting with tie-back rooms can yield interesting results. The tie-back curtains can both be on each aspect with two curtains or one-sided with a single piece of fabric.

    Plain Curtains:
    Sometimes, simplicity is satisfactory and does not need to be elevated. Don't strive to locate the most special design; pick a simple curtain that appears simple and elegant.

    Sheer Curtains:
    It's not vital to cowl the complete window with curtains, and you can additionally select the alternative of partial masking with curtains striking from the mid or barely above the center of the window.

    Partial Cover:
    It’s not necessary to cover the whole window with the curtains, and you can also choose the option of partial covering with curtains hanging from the mid or slightly above the middle of the window.

    Pull Inside:
    This new concept has not become that famous yet; however, it has lots of potential. The railings are installed on the pinnacle of the window alongside the adjoining wall, so when the curtain is pulled, it will hold from the sidewall and no longer from the corners of the window.

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