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    Curtains Types


    A contemporary header style with decorative metal eyelets sewn into the top of the curtain fabric
    • Fabric has deep folds that run from top to bottom
    • Ideal for plain fabrics because of its simple and striking nature
    • Eyelet curtains can only be fitted to a curtain pole

    There are lots of curtain varieties open to beautify your windows, from thick lace drapes to lace curtains. These drapes come in a number of fashions and serves to get home and each room. Probably one of the very widely used is your eyelet drape, among other fashions.

    Eyelet curtains too, are offered in the curtain with EYE-lets stitched along the surface, and several forms such as the single loop opening that is conventional. Selecting the style may be quite difficult occasionally, which of course is dependent upon personal preference in regards to operate, you ought to remember these few hints while curtains.

    If you decided on the type you need to purchase shopping via such retailers can help you save power, money and time. There are a number of internet sites to select from. Some have tutorials, as well as a stock list with photos that'll make it more easy to select which drapes you could be thinking about buying.

    Since it is durable, the option that is best is a grommet curtain. The majority of these drapes fixed and are stitched using curtain eyelets over the seam over the top every couple inches. The grommet diameter is one inch, which means that the curtain poles are thick and durable.

    Conventional curtain poles that are created from pine wood are broken and scratch-resistant. With this type of setup, when you have boisterous pets or rowdy kids, you won't discover your pole broken once you return home. This style is believed to be most fashionable among other fashions.

    You will get a single woven lace curtain should you prefer to give your room a look that is more soft and delicate. This is a thin and wispy style which is excellent for that summer and warmer climates. These drapes are normally created breathable cotton, from airy and generally come in colors, probably the most popular one being white. Curtains are known to own a Victorian charm and create an aura of European design.

    They could withstand deterioration to some level Even though they have been made from nice stuff. As these are not to be machine-washed the worry for drapes is cleaning. With a cleaner and also a subdued household, they are going to remain aesthetically eye-pleasing and will last for a number of years.

    For a new modern look that's acceptable for your image, are you currently currently searching for decorating your house? There are numerous things you can perform to get your house look different. You can start by decorating your house utilizing drapes. So don't overlook this possibility that is huge, the look that drapes can create could be overwhelming.

    In addition, such eyelet curtains comes in colors to accommodate your house and particularly once you have walls. It is possible to opt to hold curtains of colors, styles, brands and materials in your windows based upon your imagination. The only thing that you ought to take note of is the color scheme and the curtains made of EYE-lets will fit with furniture and materials in your own room or house.

    You should begin once you've got your aims all set. Needless to say, you will want to gauge the size, and guarantee that it fits nicely. For all those sheer substances which can be of a fabric that is lighter, you are able to opt for a lighter texture during summer time. You can pick a thicker cloth for the winter to block the cold winds out. You can go here to buy pencil pleat curtains.

    Eyelet drapes are very versatile and easy to use, and also the EYE-lets helps to ensure that you can draw the curtain as the curtain is kept in place, unlike the curtains that always get stuck halfway through. Beautify your house now of hanging out eye catching curtains with the some ideas!

    What we offer:

    • Made-to-measure curtains
    • Large range of discounted fabrics
    • Curtain tracks and accessories

    Why Made-to-measure curtains ?

    We offer a commodious range of made-to-measure curtains in Dubai that promptly enhances your room’s feel and lookout. They can be found in dazzling designs and fabrics. We also have a lot of finishes that make us the best place to buy curtains. You can explore our curtains range to obtain the best draperies in Dubai for any room, style, and subject. Your choice is our priority, choose curtains of your choice and we will take care of everything regarding color, fabrics, measurements and accessories that give your curtain a professional look.

    Why select customized curtains for your home?

    Customized drapes are the best choice for multitudinous rooms and designs. Here’s why: With dazzling fabrics and styles, you can dope out the best window treatment for your personal style, be it conventional, modernistic, assorted, shabby stylish, professional or casual. Turn your window into an ornamental focus of attention with customized curtains. You can pick any combination of fabric and drape style, including eyelett, blinds, pleated or rod pockets.

    Curtain making process

    Curtains play an important role in deciding the ambience of a room. Our Made to measure curtains add luxury and personal touch to any window. Looking for a way to let in just enough sunlight to give your room that warm glow? Or a way to keep the outside completely out? With our versatile curtain collection of so many colors, textures and designs of fabrics, you’ll find the perfect one to suit your need and match your decor. Customized drapes add luxury and functionality to any window. Explore our beautiful fabrics curtains. Regardless of the color, material and style you want, we give you custom made curtains in Dubai. You no longer have to bow with the custom-made curtains in the regular sizes. Your advantage of making personalized curtains is that you get what you want, for your window’s exact size.

    Once your drapes, blinds and tracks are ready we will arrange installation with our installers. The entire process takes approximately three to five weeks from measuring to installation.

    Free consultation & estimate

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