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    Blinds Types

    Bamboo Blinds

    Since we moved into our new home, choosing window treatments has been one of my favorite things to do. We had to completely start over because none of our townhouse's curtains or blinds were moved to the new house (and wouldn't have fit anyway).

    How to Choose the Perfect Bamboo Shades for Your Space
    After looking at a bazillionty (totally a word) pictures on Pinterest and in magazines, I decided that bamboo shades would be the perfect option for us. They would bring in some texture and interest to the space, block the light when we needed them to, and look beautiful open when we didn’t. Believe it or not, we had never had bamboo shades before, so I set out to do some research and pick the best ones for our space.

    Deciding How to Mount Bamboo Shades
    The first thing I needed to do was decide how I wanted to mount the shades. Should we go with an inside or outside mount? There were pros and cons to both. I read this awesome post by Young House Love where they recommended using an outside mount and mounting the shades above the actual window to make the windows look taller and more grand, which totally made sense.

    But I also knew that we were planning on trimming out all of the windows in our house with some chunky, beautiful craftsman style trim, and the last thing I wanted to do was to cover that all up! So for us, I decided that the best option would be an inside mount so that the bamboo shades would compliment the pretty trim work without interfering with it.

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    our living room windows with new trim

    Choosing a Color and Style of Bamboo Shades
    Once I had decided how I would mount our shades, the next decision was to choose a color/style. Did you know that there are approximately 786 million different colors and styles of bamboo shades out there to choose from? Okay, so maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but there are a lot of options!

    Again, I scoured the internet looking at examples of different types of bamboo shades, making note of what I liked and didn’t like. After I had gotten an idea of the type of look I was leaning toward, I decided to order some samples. This was an absolutely essential piece of the process.

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